Vayikra - a Partnership between Heaven and Man

And the descendants of Aaron the kohen shall place fire on the altar, and arrange wood on the fire.

Vayikra 1:7
Rashi notes on this verse "Even though the fire came down from heaven, it is a mitzvah to bring [fire] by layman"

So why does this verse instruct the Kohenim to put fire on the alter, and even add the means for the fire, the wood, when in fact this whole event is undertaken by a heavenly  fire. Why not leave the fire on the alter to come from heaven?

The Kli Yakar comments on this particular situation, saying even though the fire comes from heaven, it is still a mitzvah for a layman to bring [fire] in order to mix the fire from on high with the fire from below. This is for judging sinners in two courts (heavenly and by man) in order to atone for thoughts around the essence of the sin that would have been appropriate to be judged in a heavenly court for, and for the thoughts around the sin that would be appropriate to be judged in a human court.

So the Kli Yakar notes that this explains the nature of a verse in Shir HaShirim
Sustain me with flagons of wine, spread my bed with apples, for I am lovesick.

Shir HaShirim 2:5
There are two types of fire because of the statement "for I am lovesick" can become a  sin of the soul which impacts our love of G-d, and we are healed by these two fires.

I would add that here we see the intersection and coming together of the spiritual and the physical, the heavenly and the earthly concentrated on the alter of the Temple. We know the power of heaven, yet nevertheless the Torah is coming to show us of our unique partnership with G-d.

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